End of the world 2

It is said, that artists like it. Quietness, loneliness and there is something in it, I can confirm. But… is it more because I am so crazy and mental, or artistic? Still, I am also a scientist, so, how to balance it?

Does craziness help?

Or maybe not?

Could I create here?

Oh hell no… I took those photos and run away!!! As quickly as possible. Never felt so scared by the place… or wait, felt it once, oh my, bad memories. Because some places are not for everyone.

This one did not like me. At all.

Hamburgö… part of Hamburgsund, does not like me. Maybe because I called it the end of the world? Or maybe… what in fact is the end of the world? The edge? Place where you feel everything ends but also everything can start? Or maybe something else? Something more unspoken?

But still how to call it? A place with boats and red sheds and a lot of sea.

A tiny, narrow path to the big sea.

Pieces so quiet and loud in the same time.

Whispers and songs…

I bet evil mermaids live here. Or just those, like me, not suiting this world? Maybe…

Maybe even now… lie down on those rocks catching the setting sun?

But it is so windy.

So windy…

And so gold. And copper…

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