End of the world

Yup. I saw it.

Been there.

Felt like, probably, in a place from some kind of Swedish Chain Massacre movie, or any other horror movie… but also, like in the end of the world. Amazing and calm. True and so solemnly perfect. Just few rocks, end of a small island, the sea and… If you need end of the world, try it. Loneliness, being one with rocks and the sea. Just being the water. Watching, painting, writing…

Yes, the sea…

… those boats hitting the wooden poles.

That sound, so weird, but first I got to get there.

First a tiny ferry, with a church on a top.

Such amazing loneliness here already. Like in fact all those homes were here only as a decoration.

And waters everywhere.

I bet when it is windy, this place changes into a weird well full of sounds.

And no trees.

Yes, after a ferry you take a narrow, swirly road to get there… dangerous for sure when it is icy, cold and windy, but does anyone use it? We met nobody. With every step less trees, no fields, only rocks, and finally..

Only few cottages/sheds… all red. And those smooth rocks looking like female bodies full of powers.

And this redness…

And rocks…

And of course reflections.

Golden reflections, and… to be continued! LOL

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