Peter Engberg and Galleri Grön


… if you are here often, so you may know, that a year ago, in May, I noticed an amazing, small gallery in Fjällbacka. Which caught my heart. Of course it was closed, because here in Scandinavia things, places, pieces are available only during the season. The same is with my island, so I am aware of it. When I change into a tourist, well I may not be happy about it, still, I get it.

Was walking down my precious Gudhjem yesterday and saw 3 people! I mean really three humans, more birds here now than humans. LOL And I AM LOVING IT!!! This is why I live here. Because of the seasons. Changes… which I in fact hate, so, why in this way they are perfect for me?

But… I saw those amazing pieces, I fall in love and promised myself to meet once Peter Engberg – the author/painter of those pieces – in person. And I managed it this summer!!! Here is his page.

To be honest, this tiny gallery in fact has not only this one painter, which I was looking for, on display but also very interesting, and so much different… I mean really different: Oscar Nordblom, who you can find on Facebook. Check it! For sure he paints in colors which are closest to my heart.

But I came for him. Peter Engberg. Whose art just made me lost my breath. Or even stop my heart for a moment. Because it is so much something what I could never paint, draw or create. I could be inspired and write about it, but not put on white, precious, innocent canvas. Nope, never.

This is the reason… Because he is so much different from this what I paint, but still so me when I see the world and write about it.

For those fairy-tale like pieces… for names of those islands-rocks “cartooned”, bit kids stories, bit too naughty, bit too symbolic, too… oh my, I always think too much, right? Always!

Described as amazing drawings.

PS. Photos of the gallery are not the best, sorry, I would prefer that different, maybe setting light running through the windows, but here it is, but still…

Here they are.

Pieces funny or just making you think too much.

Or just…

Maybe sinking into another world.

Maybe finally letting yourself be who you really are, and not only how others call you?


Yes, of course I bought something. You know I always do it! But next time I am coming back for those books!!! Because there got to be a next time, right? Please? Pretty please!!! I feel there so like on… my island.

So home too!

Buying? This is me.

I meet an artists, I buy something, because this is what you do in such galleries. Home galleries. Much more personal than huge museums. Special. Maybe as a poor scientist/artists not too big, you know, weird me… maybe it is why I do it, or maybe because I was raised by artists? No idea. Still, worth mention, prices were really okay, so I have one framed already! And also got some cards!!! Oh my, I will frame all those babies! And also sent a bunch to few friends/countries… hoping this artist will be noticed there too. Because he deserves it! Yes, his style is recently very popular especially in all those sea galleries, still it is something more. It is like digging deeper all those rocks which you can see around the city.

More is fun!

PS Peter also has an Instagram account, so go and check him!

Because I am one of those people.

Galleri Grön is small and precious, worth of calm visit and rethinking… life, surroundings, the world in general. A place with a view, where you stop, and then come out, and see all those tiny island surrounding this place differently. Suddenly houses are dancing, walls are smiling more, windows are reflecting other words.

Everything… changes.

PS. What I bought? Oh come on… you know me… But I would love also the one bigger pieces with that toilet… two pictures up, you know, it is me! Always looking for a toilet. Or a place to pee while in the wilderness. TMI?


You do not pee? LOL

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