Imagine this. On every house we have a card, a kind of calendar. Like an ID and diary in one. It is possible here, in Fjällbacka.

Or more like, was. Nowadays privacy is everything.


So weird that now we feel so unreal. Much more real in the internet than walking on the ground, swimming, running or just sitting and watching the world.

But still…

Imagine this.

Every building has a name and a tab. A history visible for everyone passing by. With all the names of those who were born here, lived here and… died here.

Maybe also some details if there was anything interesting…

If so…

Imagine those stories which would make all those buildings so much more… human like. So much more than just walls and roofs, windows and tiny gardens.

Think, how it would be if… ages later your kids and grand kids could walk around and find family members mentioned on this lovely, blue wall. Or yellow one, white, red, green… wooden, made of stone or bricks.

Why people treat homes so unhuman nowadays? Or is it only me, because I am still dreaming about one? Always have been… maybe in fact most of you do not need this safe space, only mine, one and only?


Although, those little infos on the walls of lovely cottages in Fjällbacka are amazing. So gentle. So just: to let you know. And I love Scandinavian names! And last names, they are just so family friendly! So fairy like…

Although here, they seem to treat them differently. And read books still… it is so calming. Such a relieving view. A simple book.

Old-fashioned one.

Living on this huge rock, or more like around it, must be fascinating.

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