Post boxes and other arts…

Art which you can use, or use for art?

I mean really… art is not only something you bow in front of. Not something you cry, get emotional about and because of, but also something, you just use, and what makes you smile.

Trust me!

Look at it. He is so busy and ready to keep your coat up. And still… so arty.

This piece, found in a window in Fjällbacka is just stunning. For sure something to look at, but also… well, do you also see KFC chicken pieces inside or is it only me? What is wrong with me? LOL

No more laughing, here they are.

Last year I was surprised to find one of them, this year, two more. Just post boxes, still so amazing. Like this, wooden one. How is it to slip a love letter through this? How is it to put a card from far away… So cute!

This one is more popular, painted one.

With all those calm colors… is like everything here during the spring.


Something a bit more cartoon like.

But with… for me, most important nautical themes.

Lighthouses. I love them! So hard to find working ones these days… when we all are so internet included.

So cute.

And this one, my fav ever.

This special redness, so vine like, so deep. Those shadows, light and reflections… It is so me.

Maybe I should paint mine?


Maybe one day?

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