Imagine the sea.

Cottages and red shades around.

The sea, calm and blue.

In some places emerald like, in some light blue, greenish even… behind you a bunch of rocks, tiny islands, you standing on a bridge/pier like, wooden, wobbly thingy and… she, because somehow I find her feminine…


Really dancing. The show one of a kind. For free!

Moving first, floating.

Breathing even.



And out.

And suddenly flat…

A flower and then again… like a bullet.

And all those hair.

And yes, I am aware those are not hair, but when you see in that sea creature an amazing mythological, fairy-tale like maybe, being, you see it differently. For sure. Or… only me does it?

But look at her.


And our.

Amazing flower.

This cutting around.

Like it was really not from this evil world.

Weird and vulgar, full of hate, guns, violence and ugliness.

She is like an angel bringing a message, which nobody cares about.

She is wearing a ballerina tutu… but nobody has time to see her dancing.

Nobody cares…

And only I am sitting here, scared and amazed in one time. Having a movie for you. By me of course!

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