Medusa time

Okay, they scare me. Even those harmless see through ones, which we have here. They look like floating boobs, sorry. They scare shit out from me!!! Or even more. They are just… okay, also they are fascinating, because still they are called jellyfish! I mean where the heck is “the fish” part?

Scales and tale?

But still those in Fjällbacka are those burning. And sorry, I did not try how it is to get touched by this being.

Although they are so amazing…

Seeing from the far far far away they are like little spots of color. Especially with those lovely, clean waters, they look like ballerinas.

Beautiful, but still untouchable.

Or maybe more like just selfish and not wanting to mess with us humans? I mean really? Maybe this is all fuzz about?

But who is this little fellow?

Still do not know, but trust me, taking photos of those jelly beings is not easy. Especially when they are still alive.

Swimming, dancing, changing…

Appearing and disappearing.

Sometimes I really think it was only a dream. But a dream which makes me not to jump into that lovely blue water.


Here is an awesome info thingy which you can find close to the waves. Just to know. A little information, some knowledge or maybe something to inspire you? For me they are like medusae with all those “hair”. Dancing, maybe even singing…


Deadly, still but beautiful.

Jellyfish, still like mighty ancient Medusa… they are a secret. Scary one. She was one of the protectors, one of Gorgon sisters. They seem to be like her. Far away from here to Greece, still, I feel stoned! LOL Just looking at them.

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