Fjällbacka from the sea… 6

Fjällbacka in fact is tiny. Has only around 1000 people living here like all year round, and only 25 kilometers to Norway. It is famous because of its beauty, photos circling around internet, actress Ingrid Bergmann and of course Camilla Läckberg. Oh yes, the one killing residents here.

You know… the writer. LOL They can do it unattended!

During summer it is full of tourist, but if you expect many shops you can be surprised. Really surprised. Because like on my island… it is like this locality does not care about its fame. No way!!! Here nature is important.

Calmness, water, rocks, and all those sea beings.

And colors of course…

And… in fact what makes all those tiny spaces so desirable? For you?

I mean really?

I hate cities. I feel there attacked by tall buildings, windows and doors. I feel unwanted… and all those people… scare me so much!!!

But you?

What are you looking for?

Maybe something you do not have… or are still not aware of?

Or maybe something what is deep under…

… in you?

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