Fjällbacka from the sea… 5

What if you were someone from far far far away and seeing it for the first time. What would you be surprised by? Would you expect the world behind this rock?

Would you?

Or maybe not?

Maybe this, that bunch of homes could be enough? And boats, clear waters… okay, the church scares me, but it is my personal fear.

Oh yes… them. Okay, I have many fears, but this one will get a separate post.

But still. Imagine seeing it from the sea. Being tired, thirsty, and suddenly all those colors, this calmness…

Cool, right?

Of course there are other beings here. But friendly. Or not caring at all about us…

And boats in the most trendy mustardy shade which I do not get. I mean on a boat it is lovely and perfect, but still, as a shirt? Oh no.

No way!!!

Imagine it as a harbor you were waiting for.

A place to live forever? A place which can ave you…

Imagine it as your story, legend and myth?

How is it?

Hopeful? Or maybe not enough? Because this modern world somehow needs so much. Make us all so not vulnerable and grateful but in fact so needy.

Bored all the time if there are no sparkle and blowups?

Are you someone for whom peace and quiet is enough?

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