Fjällbacka architectural 9

For some people home means nothing. They can live everywhere and in fact do not feel this weird need to have, own a piece of land, those bricks, stones, roof, windows, doors and call it mine.

My castle.

My precious.

I dream about one… this is why I am so obsessed about homes, house, buildings…

But could I live here? With waters hitting my floor?

Or here? Too small? But what a view!!!

And all those colors.

Tiny windows will keep me warm during winter… or not.

But what about a shop? Only fishing? Nope…

I need a roof.

And a church more far far far away.

And more loneliness.

And space of course.

But could I live on a tiny rocky island? I mean really tiny!!!


Or maybe not?

Or maybe I live on one. Perfect one. Which I love so much!

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