Fjällbacka architectural 8

Yeah… so of course here everything is about the sea. Okay and the rock, but still, the sheds. Amazing little buildings coming in fact from younger to older.

Some accommodated to be a summer homes some still only for fishing purposes.

And some…

Are so magical.

Look at those windows, how many fish they saw?

And how many people did not think how dangerous the sea can be…

And what about fishing?

I mean really?

Look at this old wood. How much it saw.

How many hands touched it? How many beings trusted it…

How many tears sunken into it? How many stories? How many lovely aromas of baked fish, fish stew or maybe even something more fancy?

And how…

… how the heck it is still holding on? I mean really! Look at those rocks? More like plates? More like a wish: please stand up, I will not dance inside. Please stand up, I will not have bumping sex or running inside… please, stand up!!! LOL

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