Fjällbacka architectural 7

The sea is here. In the air, when you look behind you, between the houses. Between the walls, reflecting in the windows…

It is here.

But still, we are talking about houses. Homes. Villas.

Or just those red shade like pieces which are so huggable.

About steps which hide all those amazing views.

But still… this redness. I think this is the only shade which is not making you angry. It makes you feel better. Weirdly better.

Comfortable even.

Like this shade was the one you always knew.

But still… there is this house and somehow you wanna just move in. Even if there is no big garden and trees…

Even though…

You just wanna move in…

Can I?

Please?!!! Wait, not this tiny one!!! Although it is so cute!

So adorably sweet!!!

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