Fjällbacka architectural 6

The presence of the rock is overwhelming. You somehow know it is She. Mighty She who rules this places. The Goddess, but only if she cares for it, because mostly… he does not. Because she can choose.

Old enough to know it.

Old enough to fuck it.

Having green door, because red or blue is too common…

“Paint door red
bad things will go weck.
Paint door blue
miracles will come true.
Paint door green
everything can happen
everything goes booo…” Ch. Jones

Or smart sign… just because.

Be red, be white, be funny.

Or just care only about roofs. Because why not? Roofs are crucial!

And flowers.

And the sky… a bit of it.

And maybe some home jewelry? Is there in fact something like it? Does pots with flowers count? Wind-chimes?

And what about windows?

I mean really? What about them? Watching, regretting what they saw, but still watching, because they are so obsessed about both sides. Inside and outside… but what is in fact what?

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