Fjällbacka architectural 5

Yes, one more.

There will be one more even, probably.

And even more. Why? Because it is a mighty, complex structure, which shows us how humans and a mighty rock can live together.

Imagine living by this rock. Yup, in few places it is a bit tided up. A bit wrapped, a bit even covered with nets. Scary a bit…

But look also at all those details. Like from fairy tales.

Walking through those streets, narrow and full of tourists around the season… it is awesome. Although without bunch of people much better. LOL

But not many notices house. Roofs and windows.

Oh yes, and it is my secret love. I fall in love with this red palace year ago.

Look at this thin tower, windows, at this redness. I wanna live there!!! At least for some time. Please!!!

Okay, I am obsessed.

I am obsessed with those clean lines. Cohesive structure. Calmness…

Windows watching the sky…

PS. I woke up, came to the terrace doors and there was a hare talking to a magpie… I mean really. She flew away and he looked at me and then slowly jumped out… I bet there is some conspiracy involved. Truly cared now. LOL

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