Fjällbacka architectural 4

Cottage next to other cottages. Older, younger, bit more posh, less posh. Always still holding this Scandinavian, amazing vibe.


They look at each others windows. They reflect themselves in glassy surfaces and maybe even check their make ups?

How is my paint? Dry enough? Aged? Or maybe I should change my colors?

How do you think?

Seeing from far away…

Very far away…

Hidden humans and secrets. Maybe even wardrobes full of skeletons. Because… they can. And they do not care what you think about them.

They are proud of this who they are and that they are still… alive.
Always with this amazing flag.


I hear them calling me: meet me, nope, me first. Me is blue, come to me, you love blue, right… you are so mine!!!

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