Fjällbacka architectural 2

I think often about people who decided that this place must be their home. About those rocks being so fresh, in fact not so long ago they were under water!

And then then creating this space.

Deciding to live side by side. No gardens, no trees, only rocks in fact and the sea. Wen we go deeper, you can find rather young still, woodland, and a park, but trees are not here something normal.

Well… it is simple.

No soil, no trees. But still some of them managed to grow… strong bastards. Love them! Rebels!!!

Still people try to make every piece of architecture bight, clean and colorful.

So instagramable! LOL

Cute above everything!

Like dolls houses, like something what n fact should not exist in this evil, full of violence world. Something refreshing you mind, reminding you what is important. Very important… a home.

You can feel those windows watching you. Asking questions, wanting to talk, needing interest, or just being noisy.

Or wanting to show off?

Or maybe it is all about love? Those roofs touching each other. It must be love, right? Must be!!!

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