Fjällbacka nets


Of course I am aware that these are traps, but still… looking at them for me is so hypnotic, that I feel like in a huge multicolored net.

Inviting me…

Watching me.

Trying to change me, or just my point of view.

To be more messy, to just blame colors.

To only play…

Yes, again I am in Fjällbacka. Fall in love with this place. Somehow it is like my Island, a bit more or less… or more like a place where islands are born.

And people eat a lot of sea food… still not for me, but… maybe one day?

Or maybe not?

I think I want to come back there one more time.

Somehow it is so small, and so huge in one moment. We have a city, boats, huge rock, and then a handful of rocks thrown to the sea. Around…


And of course those traps… all those colors, line. Being in and out in the same time. Being trapped and free. Being and not being…

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