Malmö of one door and a fountain 2

The fountain.

In fact Malmö has many of them.

Many stunning… But the one on Stortoget, important, historical piece, market square, which in fact was created in a very complicated way… born around 1540. First they had to remove the coven, church and all that stuff. Of course, when you are suddenly a protestant things like this happen.

You can read all about it here.

For me the most important, and interesting thing is…

This is in fact a working fountain with a clean water which you can take a sip from… and during the mighty drought which in fact we still are not out from, it is more than just a funny, arty piece.

And on this not so huge market, Stortoget covers 2500 square meters, it is just preciously formed. So it is not such a posh, huge market place, still here is a city hall, so a water reservoir underneath the square was in the past something like a priority. It was used to supply the nearby buildings with fresh, nice, clean water. The fountain, now positioned exactly in front of the city hall is such a huge symbol.

I think a lot of us do not imagine how hard it was in Middle Ages and later to have it. This i why people were drinking beer or vine.

Water was a danger.

Of course nowadays it is no longer used for this purpose. Yup, water of course, or more like wooden pipes, created a deadly danger known very well… one which I found in mas graves, which I held in my hand… black death.

Now… the fountain is just an amazing, refreshing piece. Placed on the site of the reservoir, greenish, has a lovely, simple shape, old-fashioned still. Still so Swedish!!! See, various parts of the well of course depict historical events of the city. Historical, but also in that special, Scandinavian way, so common for Sweden. So friendly and cute. Just add some yellow, blue and red, and you will get all those fairy-tales and pictures from my fav books. This tourism website has a few further details.

Looking at this, not so big, circularly jumping water, circular piece, which is surrounded by a low stone wall is something what takes you into a journey through the past. With water jumping bit foamy, splashing, almost into 5 feet, then falling into the pool, then all those shades coming, all those amazing buildings around… perfect place for a moment of you and at least 3 powers of nature…

Metal, water and air.

And you.

Think how it was in XVI century… how it was before…

What kind of spirits whisper to your ears? Are they talking about the past, how important in fact is clean nature for us, calmness, quiet and creativity? Or maybe something else? Maybe you find it too old in design?


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