Malmö of one door and a fountain 1

I just…

Okay, I am aware that there is a lot of people loving doors. Taking photos of them etc. I can see them on Instagram, I can see them on postcards… and for me they are important to. Mythical, mystical, bit metaphorical… really important. Like gates, only smaller, but smaller only for those who are welcomed by the house, for others they can be the biggest mouth, full of spiky teeth.

Because doors are here to enter or leave.

Or to catch you, and take away your fingers!!! BOOOOOOOO!!!

Be careful. Always knock and say: than you, if they let you in. Never be too sure that they will let you get out. Because some doors are only to let you get out and some or only here to let you leave. Only!!!

These amazing doors I found in Malmö.

And I fall in love with them. With everything about them. The metal, the design, art and craftsmanship and of course that glass, so simple and color and… imagine a huge library or bookshop behind them, or another shop from Harry Potter stories… or maybe you saw the in one dream, the one you still remember and hide deeply because you are too scared that someone could get it too. And you wanna have it only for yourself. Only… because there is nothing bad in having dreams only for yourself.

You do not wanna share…


PS. Unfortunately I was running to our car because I can not afford tickets, and our parking meter was for sure beeping, so photos are as they are, but I will be back like Arnold S. Promise! More about the market here.

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