Malmö igen

When traveling somewhere, sometimes you just got to stretch your legs, find a place to… well, take a wee, right? You need food or tea, coffee for most of you, for me just tea and water and toilet! When so… I often find weird pieces in already, maybe not well known, still not unknown place.

These you can see in Malmö, Sweden.

On a road to a small market. First the bridge with gold footballs… I mean really. No toilet near. But this bridge. Excuse, or not, my ignorance when it comes to football, but found few things… there is a player Zlatan Ibrahimovic, and his name means gold/golden, so maybe this is it? But still… what the creator had on mind?

I mean really? Only art, or only football?

Then these amazing musicians… As I was digging into getting some info I found this page, and figured out I still got something to see there.

Maybe next time?

So, “The Optimistic Orchestra”… “As you leave Stortorget along Södergatanm you’ll come across the Optimistic Orchestra, the cubist representation of a musical marching band. It was created in 1985 by Yngve Lundell, who said it was a tribute to ‘two positively disobedient people,’ Lech Wales and Martin Luther King.” I assume they are talking about Lech Wałęsa, but not sure. Hard to call him a positively disobedient one. Same with Martin King. Well…

You can easily find them. But to answer on a question what I feel watching them… well, sorry, I really needed to pee. And cubism scares me.

Okay, they are fun, probably perfect place for an Instagram show off, but still… for me scary villains trying to look nice. LOL

On thing is worth remembering. Just read that there are 300 such amazing pieces of art scattered around the city, so maybe next time I will find a gun – yup, they have it, or those boots? Or bridge or maybe… we will see.

For now bye 🙂

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