Orientalsk Takkeklap

You know how it is… something is normal.

Something is every year… like seasons, tourists, waves, winds. We are so used to cold and hot, warm and rainy, snow… well, maybe not so often.

We do not sometimes know that this what we have around, is so special in fact. Came from far far far away and decided to grow only here. In fact the biggest bunch of those yellow, tall flowers grows during late spring, sometimes early summer exactly here, in Gudhjem. In Nørresand.

On a lovely, green patch…

… watching the sea.

People pass them, some take photos, and only few know that it is Bunias orientalis L. – Orientalsk Takkeklap. Is it warty cabbage?

Or turkish warty?

Still no idea.

One thing I know is… it is a cabbage in fact. LOL And comes from Caucasus probably… Usually growing for 2 years, if liked, can be even 12 years old! I mean really! Of course you can get easily yellow from it and we can eat it.

In Middle Europe it is very common, still, have never seen dishes including it. Why? Because it is common? Or too similar to rape?

What is shocking a bit… it came here, to this place, on my island from so far away. Liked the place and decided to stay. And is still growing even if people prefer to destroy everything around. Brave one! Strong one!!!

Yellow one! LOL

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