Home and art… some words about it…

As you may know or not…

I suffer from depression and huge anxiety. In fact my last one HUGE panic attack was in Norway, in a public place and I was screaming.

Really, fucking awesome, right? LOL Glad those Chinese tourist had so meting to watch Really. Should I put up a hat like those playing on streets people?


The truth is I never know what can cause it, but in case of… I removed from my life a lot of things, a lot of pieces, causing it, like: people, high buildings, crowds, shops, again people, and more people. But the truth is sometimes I think I can handle something, and I loose it. So here what I wanna say is… take care of yourself. And do not treat others like shit. And protect the past. And be yourself. In fact you can easily live without things which you think are the most important in this moment, but in fact if you loose yourself, even depressed, sad and weird – you have nothing.

Still… for a human being like me home is a must. A place to hide… and two days age I was attacked by Jehovah Witnesses. Yes I know why they knock and I know for them I am the Satan, but what they d not know is… I am one! And I am okay with it. They scared me. They caused one of my biggest anxiety attacks. Two old guys. Dry as dried plums. It was awful, but then… came to me something, what woke up my anger… They came here to tell me in fact I am bad? Me?! They… wanted to change me…

Glad to feel you adrenaline!!!

Oh well, my PMS love it.

I found two links very important this week. One is about homes…

Home for me is a BIG word, I get it, I see it different,y, but… It is my dream, my safe place, my everything, so calling it, a fucking box, a home, is just… and they got to pay 200 euros for it? Are you insane? I get it. You wanna have workers close etc. You wanna use them as animals. Wait, animals have bigger rights recently than humans! A human being is nothing. It matters if you can laugh out of it. If you can be pity, or hate it… oh yes, mighty hate these days is just the biggest of gods!

Number two link is… a little question I have.

Or more like begging… Please just do not!!! Restoration of art is…. an art itself! People learn, study, got degrees for it! So even if your “Grandma Gauguin”, which you love so much and would do everything for her, wanna change something in your village church, ask her not too!!!

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