The rain

After the drought came rain.

I am sitting here, on my Island, half outside and half inside and getting wet. Watching the drops and of course smelling it. Somehow it is so… well, new. Or more like discovering something old again.

One more time.

For too many months we had sunny, blue sky weather. Boring and painful. Yes, perfect for those loving summer, having vacations, but not for the soil, river, nature. Not for animals. Not for me. Because somehow it is like I am a part of this place. Ecosystem. And now, I am scared of this if rivers will become regular river again?

Will my plants revive?

Will I be normally breathing again?

When you let yourself be a part of nature you so easily come back to nature. It is so… like sinking into the old, safe, known so good. Primal of course but also so new. Because of all those seasons, because of all those changes… leaves which now should be going into colors back, and instead they are getting greener.

Leaving burnt pieces behind.

I am watching the rain. Listening to this amazing, soothing music. The best ever. Letting me take a nap, if I could find time for sure… it is like the best lullaby ever. And this wind. Such a singer. Comedian, but also tragic in few notes.

Yup… small things are awesome. And for free. Almost.

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