Love and friends

I am a words person.

This is why I love books.

For me words are the power. Written means forever. Signed means eternal… Yeah, a bit melodramatic maybe, but still… I love words. For me books are so much hotter than movies. In fact I suck when it comes to watch movies. They make me bored, or… I am reading during “watching”.

How weird is that?

How many people still really believe in spoken word? Written one? No pictures, no movie, only piece of paper and words. Maybe when it becomes to a will? Although… now, I bet, there got to be a YouTube video included. On my page you can see a stuffed bear and nature, yeah… but words.




Listening to UK people talking I often hear “love”. What’s up LOVE. I love you – said to a stranger is for me bit weird. I start to feel uncomfortable, and must answer: thank you… and run away. Really!!! LOL Because suddenly this huge word makes no sense. Darling or sweetie okay, but LOVE? Really?

… and all those friends we have on Facebook. All those likes on Instagram… oh yes, have it too. LOL Still. Those are written words and they have impact on me. Yes, I agree. It matters if someone is missing. If the number goes low or in fact do not go up. It matters. It is stressful!!! It is… irrelevant?

Or more like…

It should be?

Oh yes, I love my depression and anxiety… fuuu… have a potato heart. At lat it is natural and shaped in an ass. Yeah. Hearts, butts, same thing, right? Friends, people, wooden logs… also.

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