3 pieces of a harbour 3

Number 3… boats.

Or ships?

I mean, more boats in place I go. Smaller, quieter, unnoticeable often. Too small to have bigger floating things, or maybe not posh enough?

I do not know. I have a HUGE seasick, so for me boats are only to look at. To see how cool they are and diverse. To watch the reflections and pieces of them diving deeper and deeper. Old and new. Wobbly…

Oh no, wobbly is not good!!!

I mean really.

Please do not let me even think about it… sorry, bathrrom time!!!

The curious – wipes mouth, mysterious thing is… boats are not only this what is above, easily visible. No way. They have all those attachments which are so interesting. I bet simple an obvious for people knowing something about boating, fishing etc. but for someone like me…

… they are magic, and inspiration for a story!

All those lines and chains, balls or whatever… and all those colors. Do they mean something? I mean in the sea world? Is it better to have a red one or a yellow one, or maybe a blue one? Is it like with homes in old Middle Europe which were painted if there was a lady ready to be married… looking for a husband?


Can in fact boats be virgins?

Or is it a weird question?

Sooo… here are my small harbors, how I see them. In three parts. Always. Nothing important in fact… but maybe something weird enough to make you up and go out and look for a nearest one. It can be a tiny harbor on a small river, really. Check it. See how different it is. How cool it is!

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