3 pieces of a harbour 2

Number 2… reflections.

You do know I am crazy about them. I can spend hours just watching them, taking photos, keeping those picture in my eyes and heart… or soul, or whatever. In this higher someplace of me. I do have one, right?

Sooo… reflections.

They are amazing. They are my thing. They are metaphorical, they are fairy tale like, they gave birth to Alice and so many stories. Somehow they are another world which is so irrelevant for so many.

Colors and shapes.

Shapes and colors. Especially in harbors. Pure metaphor of home, save place, beauty of loneliness when you in fact have the whole world in front of you. When in fact you have so many choices…

When and where you can choose.

To stay or to go…

Here they are the most special. The most magical. Letting boats and all those crazy things which I still do not get what they are for… just see themselves in the water. In the water which is usually calmer than outside of the harbor. Because here you are protected from the biggest waves.

You got to be cautious but still…

Be careful.

Because you can get lost in those shapes and colors. Find another world more suitable for you. Much more interesting. Much more… you. Because sometimes when you watch the surface it watches you back and of course… it can touch you. Touch your memories. Touch your deepest thoughts. They are much more than just color and shapes. Water touched by winds but also calm enough to let you dive in.

Metaphorical or not.

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