3 pieces of a harbour


I am that weird that I consider creating a some kind of division of a harbor. Okay, not division, more like a scientific fission? Of every harbor.


Sooo… for me it is always the mighty 3. The nature, boats and reflections. Because I am that crazy. LOL  Here we will talk about number 1.


The surroundings.

I should mention in this point that I am talking about small harbors, atypical, not mostly visited, hidden very often, which are still really a semi wild part of the coast. Because here it is… can you see it?

Can you know?

Me had to run away, there was a weird seagull not liking me at all. And during that time all egg were hatched, so no idea what she or he was protecting… I bet that was she, I really do!!! Angry bitch!!!

Still can you see it?

Those dark rocks are still natural here, only few added, bit deepen. Fulled only with few boats, a weird things which I have no idea what to do with…


A place.

And of course then there come reflections, but still, wait, first… what I wanted you to answer me was: What is a harbor for you?

Is it a place to park your boat, hide, finally kick a stone, stop wobbling in the waves. Stop being too salty? Is the harbor still something what can be small, quiet and not covered in tourists? With shops and all that stuff? Where birds meet humans, and humans try to calm down nerves… or swim. Take a dip?


Do people till see homes as their harbors?

Do they?

Does it matter? Really? Or maybe it does not?

Maybe… this what I have on my island, what is so inspirational, in fact is nothing for the rest of the world?

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