Home is where…

Okay, there is so many smart sentences that I will not create one, and will not quote one either. Sorry, tired of all that uplifting shit. People posting oh those so jolly phrases to get more likes. Hey, here I am, depressed, with anxiety, mostly gloomy and now pissed because a fly is trying to eat half of me!

But, I just came back home from vacation and probably, for the first time in my life they where vacations… okay, at least one day was! The rest was busy and worky, but still, different place, cool things. Not that here things are not cool… because everything here is so arty. Art is everywhere. Art is this place, my Island, art is or maybe… we all are art? Come on, this is a cool quote, right? LOL

But still, what do you think of such kind of advertising art? And shop of course. Because I think people forgotten that art is for sale because behind it is a hungry painter, sculpturer… you know, an artist! I do not get it why people see artists and scientist as those who in fact… do not work at all.

Why passion can not be work?

Why your work is not your passion?

Oh come on, even I do things which are nasty, but still… passion is a must. Or PMS, you can use it to clean up the house. Works for me perfectly. LOL And I am not a perfect housewife. Do they even still exist? I mean really?

But… I am back. back on my Island. Hot here!!! But green again too!!! And cool! Here everything is cool.

Even that fly sucker which will be… splash.


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