No internet

I was on vacations…

No internet.

I mean really, no internet in a cottage, amazing view, wilderness and all that stuff and tomorrow I am suppose to be back to so called, still my own, normality and… I can not. I am not sure if I really want to. Really.

Never felt this way.

Internet, computers… they were never a big part of my life but now people who I really like are there, not around me and it is okay. Better and easier for me. For my weird mind. Still cutting it off made me feel, quieter, slower, finally free…

I think I will do it more often.

Work and not touch internet. Stay with my archeo-work stuff, books and pencil, brushes an paper and… leave that other world. Because in fact contacting those who we like the most once a day is enough, right? We got to contact ourselves more. And let us be, breath, not worry, sleep, be lazy… shit, this will be hard, but I have to try it.

I am sitting in a white cottage, ready – almost – to leave and I know, I have discovered something. Got something back. Lost something. I miss my Island, but also do not want to come back. Geeez… I am a mess, a huge one, but still, wrote so many pages, filled all this whiteness and I am ready to put it into the internet world. But how to do it without touching it? How? Something has changed…

I hate changes.

And I feel weirdly guilty that I do not “like”, “share” or “follow” everything… this weird guilt is just awful. But also sincerely cleaner… yes, I am aware it may sound freaky but I do. This is how I feel. And I do not even have a phone!!!

PS. Wait for my stories and remember about my shop! Please!!! LOL Those paintings need homes!!! Prices are negotiable.

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