Watching the sky…

I am far far far away.

Watching the sky, the sea, woods and rocks.

Nothing more.

Who am I kidding? Artists and those who love to create, think, observe, are never on vacations! You can not turn off your brain, right? And all those roofs are so amazing… so mythical, metaphorical…

So much.

So many.

We all need roofs and the sky of course. But what is more important? Or maybe… it depends on weather? Maybe?

But still, when you watch the sky, how the clouds look like? Anthropomorphic, or just like a crazy bunch of marshmallows? Because I often see dragons and witches. Very often. And eyes watching me…

Yeah, I bet Freud would have something to tell me!

But still. I am on vacation. And very busy now… creating the future. LOL

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