Notice me

I saw a kid few days ago… walking with his face glued to his phone.

Well, when I was in his age, I was the same. Only I had a book. Still have books instead of all that plastic. Plastic hurts me.

Still… so, I saw this zombie like kid and was like: hey! See me! Notice me!!! And nope, it was not about me, but about this wall. Amazing, sunny wall. Not yellow, not orange, just being a pure light. Pure fun.

And I do not mean only the color but also the structure. And this blue sky and that lonely cloud like creature… Why, why he was not looking at it, touching it, becoming friends – yes, with a wall, with a home – and maybe creating his own story, his own fairy tale, his own creation, world, which can make him busy while coming back from school? Playing with imagination. Pretending, or maybe really seeing this what is invisible for the rest of the world? I mean really?

Don’t people do it anymore?

Because I do. Yes I do it still!!!

I even talk to the trees, walls, cows, dogs… every plant can be a magical one, every doors can watch me, every window can, well, can do everything!!! Dragons and unicorns are normality!!!

Does anyone do it still?

Or is it now also a mental disorder?

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