Destroy and create…

Destroying my art

Why am I doing it?

Because there is no place to keep it all, and it is overwhelming, and I can not create new, develop myself, and it in fact cares me. Is depressing to see piece of my heart and soul unwanted.

Not loved.

Stop saying me: sell it, donate…

Do you want my art? Really? Answer yourself, or just stop being protectionist. Stop being weird painful shit in my ass. Admit you do not get it. I can explain. Do not pretend you care!!! This is the worst.

Art is also destroying.

Destroying means not only place for new but also weird, cleaning, almost catharsis like feeling!!! From one way it is so sad, so many memories, feeling, so much pain, I do cry a lot, but from other side… it is like breathing again.

And I need it.

To all trying to be smarter than spirits: You all are forgetting one thing. Until sold… this art is mine and only mine. I can do with it whatever I want!!! If you wanna help me, buy it. Do not JUST SAY things. Spit out words. Your laptop, phone or whatever may also be enough of your fingers hitting it so hard. Really.

PS. My shop is here… you can always check it and then contact me on Facebook for smaller prices. I have decided to destroy some of my paintings, so if you want one, hurry. Nope, not writing to make you sorry for me, but I just have no space to keep them and… in fact I like destroying them. Kind of artistic catharsis for me, and I am poor, so this is all fun I have!!! Remember prices are always negotiable!!!

You can get even 70% off

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