North Sentinel

I was wondering recently how it is with this modern world… and well, it i awful, but still there is hope. Still some tribes are left, although monitored by scientist, but there is one tribe which welcomes all white help with… arrows.

Smart people!

Of course I am talking about North Sentinel.

Amazing land.

And awesome, green and white and blue island.

Some people, a tribe probably.

Living as they want to…

… they have amazing woodlands, beaches and all that stuff. What is most important, not wanting all that “help” from o called white people. Not wanting contact, not being interested. Oh my, I so get them. Running around naked, having food. Do you know that even tsunami did not much harm to them, although few white so called humanitarians brought enough viruses which killed so many of them still, they somehow… survived.

I am so curious how do they live. Of course I have ideas, many of them, studied archaeology, anthropology and ethnology so I can imagine… and you know what, it is not a bad life when you have no idea about TV and Lady Gaga! What kind of art they create, what stories swirl around the fire every evening? How often they dance? How often have fun? What do they believe in?

How about the families?

Oh my, it could bring so many information but still, I prefer them to live. Live in this normal their own way, which for so many internet users is evil. Who suddenly claim that they should be given food and all that stuff, bet LV bags too! And taxes, gods, ideologies etc. And… How the heck people so easily forgotten about us humans being able to heal ourselves with nature. Nature which we still get… or more like: they got. They are not harming nature. Living freely… maybe this is the thing? That they are free and none of us is in fact. Think. How free are we? Those people do not want us so why are we pushing their boundaries? I mean really? Why? Except scientifically ways I see no way no need to change them. Yes, they probably can not read. Guess what! They can remember how you can not. This is simple. So simple.

Living with nature is also a civilization!!!

Leave them alone.

I know there is that line around them which should protect them, but still weird people: humanitarians, missionaries… want to change them.

Why? Because they do not fit your minds, drawers you created for everyone? Guess what, you can not get me either! And change too!

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