Stand on…

So often people like to say: stand on truly behind your believes and dreams and they will come true… well, so here I am, standing.

WTF! Why it is not working?!

Why? Because standing is not enough. You got to take it and work on it. Maybe miracles happen, but some of us do not even notice them and some, well, maybe we are here to be miracles makers? Maybe?


Maybe we are even gods? Who cares. When we are cold we need to wrap ourselves or make fire. Wen we are hungry we got to eat. When we need to… well, when we need to, you know what, we just can not say: NO, to our bladders! LOL When we feel arty, we need to do something with it. But also remember, we can not kill that moron in a loud car with loud music because it is not… civilized.

Fuck it! I am nature! You can not civilize me! I will let him live only because it would got messy and I hat touching people LOL

Everything can be called in the way you feel it better. In the way you can live with it. Definitions are created by winners. But also same with history. Soo… what to do? How to live when you try to stand up, and somehow you can not. Not anymore? Because suddenly those who are not “good people” are those the best. Because all those definitions are so misty that you know suddenly nothing except…

… except this sand and the sea. One is soft, dry or wet, the other one can be loud or quiet, always wet, bit salty.

Maybe it is time to change it and just lie down? On the waves, on the sand, or on the grass if you have some? And think… what the heck are we doing? In fact, what are we dreaming about? Is this everything so much?

Or maybe too much?

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