Others art…

I figured out, observing artists since I was a kid, that there are in fact only two basic kinds of them.

  1. Those who are happy with others art. Look for inspiration – not stealing ideas – in others, love to talk, ask for help and… they love crowds, meetings, others patting their backs and all that jazz.
  2. Those who prefer loneliness. Prefer being alone but are also scared that they could not be one and only. It is not like those do not care for rewards, but they feel so awful when getting them, like they do not deserve it…

I mean really.

Tertium non datur! To sound more fancy. LOL

Which one am I?

For sure number 2. I hate crowds but still I love to buy others art and send it all over the world. To buy it and make special gifts for those who are ready for it. But also 2s are very unsure of themselves. Usually with low self-confidence and scared if someone suddenly discovers them.

Their art is their family. It is all soul and heart… so when someone loudly dislikes it, well it is a drama and somehow the whole inside of this artist brakes into pieces. It hurts almost physically… so hard.

We are not sure, but also inlove with some of our pieces. And we may not be ready to part with them. Sometimes never sometimes it changes with time. If we grow up to it… somehow.

1s are proud of their achievements. Are a bit self centered sometimes, but usually in a healthy way. Can look at others from their cloud above everything, still… not always. They are much better for this modern world. Easier sell pieces, can be very loud in media, can be celebrities. I really am, maybe not jealous because it is not for me, but really amazed by their abilities.

And you? Who are you?

PS. Photos were taken in Gudhjem, outside of a small gallery if you wanna buy those pieces. Not mine: pieces, photos only mine. LOL

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