The Red Door

Once upon a time there was so many of them.

Almost every home had them, every cabin, every barn even. But nowadays… they are only here, only few. In few shapes only, too. Always wooden, always closed. Bravely reminding everyone of their history and legends, mythology and secretes. But somehow now… they are so shy.

So really shy.

Because people do not care anymore abut their magic. Do not get it. Do not need it. Or maybe just forgotten, only… lost the memories, stories told them by grandmothers. Whispered by the winds and sea waves?

I am not sure.

But I know, that red doors hide the best secrets, the best magic. They protect, they love, but also, they are fighters. Like those one. Two part, twin doors. Two tiny, blue windows and of course… mystery. What is behind them? Who is behind them? Someone watching, someone waiting, or someone who wants to be not found? Because so much of the past just wanna be left alone.

Because we all have right to be alone…


PS. Or maybe people are scared of red? Some are…

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