Windows are watching you…

People often say that windows are home’s eyes. But somehow do not see them as those watching us, the ones outside. Nope. They see them as perfect spaces which make them able to look inside.

To peek…

To unhide this what is behind them.

What is often secret. Hidden because of a very important purpose. Something what should be hidden. Because you are not ready to see it…

Maybe this is a reason why windows here on my island do not have curtain, sometimes sun blinder but always, and I mean ALWAYS, amazing displays. Ready to make you avert eyes from the inside of the home, and be happy with some fancy art in a simple window. Or simple art in a fancy one?

No idea, but this is how I see it.

And yes, you will find art in my windows too.

Or maybe?

Or maybe we have nothing to hide, and those windows are able to live their own life? Choose art. Choose houses? And watching us. In fact like we were created for their fun. Only. Like old gods decided to be tricky and… well, truly managed the art of stalking!!! Truly!!! Or maybe… City life happens in windows?

And we are only here to watch!

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