I do not have them.

Just because when I go outside it is enough. If you live for vacations, well your usual life sucks. Ask any older person. All of them will tell you they worked too much and lived in wrong places or had an amazing place but did not give it a chance… and spent enough time for themselves. Listened too much to others…

… not themselves.

It is weird how we live from weekend to weekend, right? Okay, as someone working “from home”, I work every day, soo… weekends are a regular working days to me too. I just can only sleep a bit longer. But still, every time I say I have never been on a regular vacations, people just say: you live on an island, in a beautiful place. And I am like: so what is wrong with you, why you wanna make me guilty of something I fought for, am still fighting? Why you do not create your today beautifully. Because I am poor. Not able to travel, to buy stuff you have so easily, I have unknown and this island, for which I still fight every fucking day, and still, you somehow wanna make me feel worst.


Maybe there is something wrong with a whole definition of vacations? Because I remember that as a kid I was forced to go to camps with other kids. It was a nightmare. For me vacation was a time spent with my Grandma. Even if we were only sitting side by side, or work in a garden. It was a time which did not involve my so called “family”. When I could be… alone. Sooo…

What are vacations for you? Because if really only running away from home, from your regular life, well it sucks. Just do it now.

Once and forever.

But before you do it, prepare yourself.

Yeah, we are in this awful time of lovely posh photos of brown bodies, ocean views, people traveling, drinking, lying down… okay, I get traveling for knowledge, but just sitting by the pool with vodka, well… it sucks for me and is a death hazard. But I see people being so jealous. Feeling worst because they can not afford it. Does not mean you can not post those photos? Nope, never. I just wanna say, that this what have around may be not discovered yet. That your own city, village or woodland can be a hidden treasure and you can have a vacation every day after work.

For an hour or two!

Try it. Ad remember that people now find even Chernobyl attractive.

Yeah, there are such people. Yup.

Do not punish yourself for not being able to afford far far far away traveling. Try to find beauty around. I bet it is close. And I bet it is cheaper. Because a tag means nothing. Really!!! Try it!!! You do not have to vaccinate for it. And I bet mosquitoes there will know you good.

PS. The truth is I have always hated vacations. Yes, as a kid too. I liked learning. I wanted to learn more. And we ha no internet and not many books, so… yeah, I may have problem with taking free time. Maybe? LOL

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