I used to hate this smell.

No idea why. But this is how it was or maybe still is? I am still not the biggest fan… prefer added rosemary, thyme and mint to balance that purpleness.

But here, on this island somehow lavender is a queen. Small one, but still present and taking her place. In fact when it comes to herbs she is next to mint in the gardens… sometimes running into wilderness… you can find an amazing bunch in the woods. Forgotten or maybe walking?

Following you?

It is only the plant. But still its ability to grow, survive even this drought, climbing sometimes, growing for ages, smelling for so long…

Only the plant.

Like so many more, still used by so many artists for ages.

Painters, sculptures, those who create perfumes, soaps… They all loved to put flowers, branches as a part of their art. Not only in Provence. Not only there people like to give each other lavender in different shapes. Just for love and luck, as a simple gift, present, for a wedding to wish, or be sure, that the couple will live happily ever after. But it is also said that the smell takes bugs away, so yeah, I have it close to my open doors. For sure the aroma of lavender brings calm feelings. Helps you with a good, long sleep. Make your underwear smell nicely and fresh.

Maybe it is this weird freshness, so purple one, which can last so long, or maybe in fact lavender brings this unconditional love to the household? Or maybe… its other side: lack of trust. Betrayal even? Or maybe it is only all about this color which is so… so really perfect for funerals.

Still not sure.

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