Art attack…


We got to be clear in it. Art can attack you. It can jump on you and bite you and even get into your head and change your ways…


Change your paths.

Or just make fun of you…

Yup, art is something dangerous from time to time. A huge painting can fall on your head and ill you. Or all those modern installations. They can be made of metal, sharp objects which are DANGEROUS. LOL Or for an accident, or as some people say: stupidity, you will not notice art and destroy this pile of trash, put it into a bin, where you thought it belongs and you wanted to keep the beach clean and tidy… and piss off the MIGHTY ARTIST who will kill you for it!

I would…

Okay… YES of course I am sarcastic. Come on, if you was reading it and not noticing it, oh my, I think you got to go and hug some trees! Not people. They can bite. Or arrest you for it. I mean really. LOL

Still… sometimes art is the predator.

Here it is in its mightiest shape.


Come on, it is hot, I am crazy in this weather!!! And we had to wait on lights – they are building a bicycle path on one side of the road, soooo… – that view was for me so inspiring. Not only because this kind of art – yes it is art, you may not see it as one, but if you look at art of Poul P. and his income, well… it is art.

Childish approach to express your soul on canvas, paper, wood never somehow was my cup of tea… or maybe I am so dumb that I still think that art is somehow my soul, heart, mind… everything… liver even? Maybe. Still this kind of drawing mostly, which appeared on this car in awful heat was somehow scary. Like art wanted to tell me something, or I was just dehydrated? Probably. Still… this girl with those rays coming from her hand. Is she radioactive? Or maybe she is a mutant?

Can I be one too?

I liked Storm!

Could change this heat around me…

Sooo… do you like this kind of art. Like your own drawings from when you were few years old? Look for old drawings! Maybe they are worth millions.

Mine for sure are not.

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