The best TV!

The best TV, the best art ever is…


I mean really.

You go into the woods and there is magic. Bark, trees, grass, paths and… animals of course. Although those little screaming, angry babies live in a city. Yup. They poop on our windows and heads sometimes, but still, they are just so cute! And look at those nests. So amazingly, perfectly done.

And those fluffy babies.

Oh my, so cool it is that… they are not mine!!! LOL Yeah, evil me happy because I can look, take a photo and go away. Just not disturbing parents which got to feed all those yellow loud mouth.

Beaks or whatever.


Still, watching them, or the woods, is the best TV ever. Do you know how much drama it can be in a fight for only two bugs when there are four bellies to feed? Or how loud they can be? I mean future opera singers. Or… how confused parents can be… I mean really. The bad thing there is a road close so you can not sit down here, but still, you can just move your ass from place to place and meet other families. And guess how many babies is in one nest. Because it is always a surprise. You never know if there is one more tail hidden there. Maybe the smallest, this shy one?

And you know what?

In this TV is no politics!

No must!

No buying.

No pushing or whatever… okay in a nest maybe some pushing, but you only watch. This drama and cuteness… combined together.

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