The heat

I get it…

I mean I really do.

I get it that there are people who love summer, hot weather, sun bathing, sweating and all that stuff. People who look like frites. I mean really. Brown and beautiful like fried potatoes. I get it… but why?

Why do you love it?

I mean really?

Asking as someone who loves cold.

Who even loves cold showers and have them all year round! Yes, during winter too. And yes, that water almost bites me, but it is such a great feeling. Freezing temperatures, wind, biting air… oh my, I love winter and autumn. Yes, of course autumn is for colors, but still, I like it sunny for photos and cold one for me. It is like… when it is hot or even too warm, I am turning off.

And when there is too much sun, same happens.

See… I have few stories in me to paint out and to write them own, but I just can not. Not today, when everything is just dry… Drought is killing us. I get it, it is cool for tourists, but looking at dying trees and plants, it is killing me. I can not just walk. I am constantly scared that some dumb human being will smoke a cigarette and threw away the leftovers and… puff, we are gone. And you do know how people treat places where they g for vacations. Suddenly it is not the same planet. Somehow they can do everything… unfortunately, everything nasty…

Sooo… what o you find awesome in hot weathers?

In steaming temperatures or even saunas?!!!

Tell me. LOL

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