Even if you are standing alone on the rock, surrounded by waves, thunders, storms and all those disasters. Even if everything is sadness…

… think… how cool it is to have wings, even if only wings of imagination.

Even if it all happens only in your head.

It is real for you.

For sure.

This is one place you can hide. See this world through this weird veil visible only for you. Or have there dreamed home and plants, and of course all those things you can finally have for your own. Because things sometimes matters even more… that stone, that piece of art, that… something. And maybe a family?

Because some of us wanna have it only there. In our dreams. Okay, not me, but still. I have there dreamed, weird family and a dog. A home, amazing, full of books, safe, finally mine forever and ever.

In fact only in my imagination I can feel safe, because even if something happens… I have dragons! Come on and golems and dwarfs and gnomes. And trolls which feel good in my garden. And I have there so much more… this is why I so often close my eyes. So often, very often even.

Maybe you do remember this one part of Ally McBeal’s series where there was an older lady who had in her dreams an amazing family, and she wanted just to dream, just to sleep because this world was nothing for her. Maybe you do… if not, watch it. It is worth of it. Because it may make it easier for you to get it why not everything here, visible is so okay and wanted. Not everything…

Dreaming is sometimes so real.

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