Haven’t been so for ages.

I mean really.

Not so bad. Not so devastating. Not so… immortal. So sure of its doings, so strong, persistent, so… everything.

It is like crying without tears.

When you come back to nature, leave concrete cities, suddenly again woods are for you the normal place to ave fun, or rocks, seaside, sands, leas, sea… when it is a real part of your life drought strikes you too. Suddenly he sun is only pain and lack of water is somehow in you. This awful, but also weird fear that you will not be able to…

… live.

Imagine life without water, without fruitful moist ground. Try to bring it back to you from trashy DNA and get it. Understand it. How painful it is, and how grateful your own herbs can be for a splash of after in the evening. And bees and butterflies. In fact you matter. You are a part of this world, this one very important which brings life back. Lets bugs work. Although, you somehow feel how tired they are.

How bored with this sun…

When you can back to nature, you are one. You feel it. You touch the tree and can hear this heart beating… and pain when someone takes this tree away from you. You can mourn the tree. Or the stone. You can be back, and if you feel ready, do it, because without nature we are so fucking nothing!!!

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