A splash of color…

Sometimes it is all you need.

A simple splash of color. Something not blended into the universe around you. Into the sand on a beach, into the woodlands or wherever you are.

I mean really.

Just look.

And remember it suits art and clothing too. A splash of red will make you visible, that shiny thingy attached to your backpack can save your life!!!

But it also is weirdly good for your mind… to have a splash of something new. New book, new theory, new knowledge… Thinking, deliberating, just using your mind. Having something not suiting, meeting something maybe even scary before. Just trying new. If you have enough strength.

If you are ready… because you got to be ready for it. For this splash. Or create it for someone you know and love. A splash of colors, or only one, which will show them a new way… maybe rocky, bumpy and full of grass, but still… so fascinating.

So inspiring!!!

Like a red mushroom such splash of color in dark forest, can bring so many stories to you. Can wake up something in you, forgotten, or maybe left in you DNA by your ancestors. Sooo… are you ready?

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