From sunrise til sunset

Really… I could not sleep, nervous, panicking… so I done it.


Or insane? Because in fact it was such a crazy, full day.

I was planing it for autumn not late spring! I mean really, but I am always sure that the time will appear when it wants to. It always happens so…


Still, remember one thing. Here since June until about late August our nights are quite bright. Even very bright. We do not get this deep darkness at all. What is really sad and makes me ill.

But it is how it is.

I can not do anything to change it, so… I am joining it. LOL Joining this sun running through the sky. Burning, hot, painful sun…

And the sea of course.

With all those amazing, fresh green, almost fluorescent, soft, lovely seaweeds.

Which with full day changed into this.

Amazing dance of waves, greenery and stones. And sand of course. And saltiness. Oh my, maybe it was a very cold bath, but also so awesome!!!

And then… after all this work and craziness, me jumping into the sea, screaming, then coming back… colors came…

They always amaze me.

Even if the sky is not very cloudy, and there is lack of funny shapes, there are always those shades, colors and weirdly warm coat which is covering me. Burring me under this weird happiness which I do not feel.


I done it. Took me many hours, but I done it. And guess what! I could not sleep again! Oh my, WTF!!!

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