Old stuff

Oh yes.

The mighty old stuff.

Antics. Some can be so expensive, some are only replicas, huge lies. Some are inspirations. Because somehow old stuff is still posh. Belongs to those the richest. But not the old I consider old…

But archaeologists are weird. LOL

Still… life taught me that old stuff is amazing, beautiful, worth rescuing, refreshing, but also… it still holds memories of those before us. Can be a lesson, but also a huge pain in the ass. Yeah, sorry but this is how it is. Try to get inside one of the antic shops. Smell it, feel it, listen…

Or just look around… ad see this amazing bench.

Someone decided that it is perfect with amazingly blue wood, and rusty rest. And this person was right. It is one of the cutest pieces I have ever seen. Old, but not old enough in my meaning. Rusty, unclean but also so perfectly finished. You can sit here, take a short or longer est, eat something…

Or maybe just look though those swirly pieces. Feel in love with rusty colors, imperfect perfections and all this charm. Old. For some people trashy and useless, but for some… art. Pure and recycled.


So, how it is with you?

Do you buy old stuff and give it more life, or like me you run away from them. Because you know how it is to have at home something what was so loved by someone, then threw out by those who had to clean up her life… and live with it? What? Am I too spooky for you today? Well, maybe I am. I know one thing. Old books were burnt by many tribes because they were described as those which are the easiest way to carry souls, ghosts inside them. Paper, wood, words…

Interesting, right?

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