Flowers in Gudhjem

Why we fight for plants? For flowers and trees?

Why we cry here, on this island, over one tree, when so may have fallen?


Because living without them would be death.

We need plants.

Nature. We need them wild, we need them in pots, we need them for bees, and ourselves… we need herbs and just those which are only colors and aromas. We need them to learn ow different they can be. We need them… to give as gifts, to say with they: I love you, I am sorry, please forgive me.

Does anyone still remembers what flower colors mean?

Which is love, which is jealousy, which is miss you…

Or nobody cares?

Or maybe we notice flowers only for Instagram… we do not remember their names, o not care at all, and suddenly fake plants in pots are so popular. Yes, I know they look sooo real, but they are not real. No way!

So how it is about you?

Maybe you are crazy as me about nature, or just do not care, because what for have a pot with a flower if it can die… yes it can. It is like a human. Needs to be talked to needs to be taken care of, watered, and even talked… yeah, plants are amazing listeners. Although they sometimes can get brown of you, annoyed, still, they want you breathing. How cool is that? Someone loves you only for breathing!!!

YAY for humanity! Right? We are needed!!!

I love plants.

Simple plants, crazy, surprising… I love them. Yup, I feel awful if I buy one and it dies, it is so sad. I am dreaming about my own home, garden – not so fancy, calm down – and of course a woodland. For now I have trees i pots, but you got to dream and start doing something, right? LOL

Gudhjem, one of my fav places on my island can be stunning in every time of year. But with all those flowers, it melts me! Always.

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