Or… no orange?

Somehow it is a weird color for me. Amazing, warm and tempting, but still screaming: danger, beware, stay tuned!!!

Color which I still do not feel comfy with. But on pictures, oh it looks amazing. So rich. So independent.

And with a yellow, uneven wall… so rustic, but also still posh. Because of yellow diamonds and citrine, and oh my, so many stones in those sunny, warm colors. So many beaches, so many roses… honey. And pee… oh well, color like color, right? What else? Amber? Oh yes, resin can also has this special shade of orange and yellow.

And maybe pie…

But still, why I have such problems with warm colors?

I mean I can not wear them, but still, I am looking for them.

Yellow poppies, golden walls.

So why?

Is it something in my past, still hidden, or maybe hidden forever because I promised myself to never touch this memory again? Or is it gold, yellow metals which i am not fan at all. In fact they burn me somehow…

Or maybe too many books again?

Because gold, yellow, orange, just like purple, was always only for kings and gods? Maybe I feel too little to be wrapped in it? Or maybe it is visibility? Because those shades scream so loud. They wanna be seen, touched, described, noticed, cherished. They wanna be a part of every story, every dream and every lovely moment. Just look at sunsets. And sunrises. Why this what is romantic is also in fact… orange?

… or maybe peachy? Peaches are safe, right? Maybe I could start from this, because I can not deal with citruses. Nope, sorry. So peaches, okay, and nectarines, right? And maybe yellow cherries. h I could have some now! LOL

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