Sea life

Green, fluffy stones… pieces of wood and shells.

This amazing white sand, and pieces of amber, here so tiny…

Driftwood, sunny rays, shades and of course wild roses, and this special grass. Which can be so painful. Bugs, fish, boats and ships somewhere too close or too far away.

Sea life.

Always changing, always moving even if you think it is still and silent. Always full of creations, surprises…

Sometimes I think that even my small island is a bit too big for me. That maybe a lighthouse would be much more perfect? Loneliness, watching everlasting goes by… just not caring about fashion, smiley faces, dressing up, make ups, all that stuff. Being a woman, being brave, not showing pain…

Being this kind of human, which this world wants us all to be.

Sometimes I think, that only watching nature is so much enough for me. Nature and of course pieces which were left here by those before us. Those who maybe also thought so. Those who ha so much more time to just watch, think and imagine… Those still so secret, so unspoken, so interesting.

Especially when those fluorescent green pieces grow on stones… of course I know they only attache to them, but still… this is so happy and fluffy, even when the sea is closer to freezing than semi cold. LOL

You just jump in, screaming, and have fun! Because it is only a moment. Only a day, maybe few… which can be yours.

And those black pieces.

A mix of coal and shells. Black and blue ones. This is so cool. You can get them, catch them, and create amazing mosaic. One and only. Art from already arty pieces. Like… here, on this beach is only inspiration. Nothing more. Something to paint, to write about, to sculpture, to craft…

Something for everyone.

Yes, this is one of my fav beaches. Including the woods, which surround it, it is a perfect environment. Usually with no people except me. Like, I was so rich, that have my own piece of land. Finally. But it is only a dream… it will disappear.


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